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From Russia with love

July 27, 2014 | 0 comments

Hey hey everyone, 

This week sees me take to the air again, I won't be bringing the bowling balls, but I will be bowling. A different kind of bowling, virutal bowling. Let me explain. 

I teamed up with a group from Russia to help develop the most advanced and realistic bowling game ever made over a year ago. In order for me to help achieve some of the realism I wanted to see in the game, I need my virtual image to be recored using super expensive motion capture software. You've seen this software before. It's when you place a bunch of little dots all over me and about 12 cameras record the movement of those dots (well of me wearing the dots) and then the software is able to generate a 'virtual' version of me bowling. 
That virtual me has now been implemented into the beta version of the game and I now need to go back to Russia to finish off some of that development as well as help the design and coding teams create all the other features the game has to offer, to enable the end result be as realistic and as advanced as possible. 

I am really excited about this project and see the potential this game has to educate the user about lane patterns, ball drillings, releases, ball surfaces and so much more that the general casual bowler may not know about. On top of that, it's extremly fun to play - which is pretty much the most important part of a game right?

I can't wait to show you the game and I hope you not only really enjoy playing the game but you learn about the complexities of bowling along the way.

Till next time

From Russia with love



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