• I can't believe these tricks shots are real!

    6/3/2014 | By Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo

    Jason Belmonte is a professional bowling player on the PBA Tour in the United States and other circuits around the world. He's also known for using a rare technique called two handed shovel style, … Read entire article

  • Belmo goes full cyborg

    4/13/2014 | By Barstool Sports

    How has this gone unnoticed? Jason Belmonte going full cyborg on the PBA League match of the day View article offsite

  • JBelmo on Reddit

    4/7/2014 | By Reddit

    Thanks heaps everyone for the awesome questions. But that's it from me, it's 2:40am in Sweden where I am and soon I'll just be typing 'zzzz's (thats a terrible joke - you can tell how tired I am … Read entire thread

  • Belmonte makes that spare and catapults the LA X into the Elias Cup Finals

    3/30/2014 | By Fred Eisenhammer, Examiner

    Los Angeles X franchise player Jason Belmonte would have been an excellent contestant on that 1960s television bowling series “Make That Spare.”

    Belmonte (shown in photo) found himself … Read entire article

  • Jason Belmonte's Two-Handed Bowling Revolution is All About ... Revolutions.

    2/21/2014 | By Michael Salfino, WSJ

    Jason Belmonte's two-handed bowling revolution is all about ... revolutions.

    This weekend, the unconventional Australian, who set the record for pro tour average (228.81 pins a game), is trying to … Read entire article