Orange, Nsw, Australia
Kinross Wolaroi - Kindergarten to Year 12
Full time athlete
All sports, video editing, and writing
Orange Tenpin Bowl
Right Handed
Diandra Astby
300 x 69
248.9 (tournament)
Semi Roller
844 (3 games), 1,123 (4 games), 1,568 (6 games)


I married the girl of my dreams in 2007 and since then, Kimberly and I have had two amazingly beautiful children. Aria and Hugo. They are my life.
The hardest sacrifce I ever have to make is leaving home for up to 4 weeks at a time to compete and chase my dreams as a pro bowler.
I could never have achieved half of what I have without my families amazing support. I am forever in debt to them.

My mum Marisa and dad Aldo are the reason I began bowling. They built the Orange Tenpin Bowl and opened it a few weeks after I was born, it ended up becoming my 2nd home. When I wasn't at school or at home, I was on the lanes. 
Thanks Ma and Dad for builidng the best bowl in the world. 

I have a younger sister, Rebecca, who is as thoughtful as she is beautiful. Watching her grow into the woman she is today makes me super proud to call her my sister. She is married with a daughter of her own, Armilla, who is the spitting image of Bec.